Generous Rebate Savings

Amped Apple offers generous home buyer commission rebates from local, highly vetted, best-in-class industry leaders when you build a home through our program.


Exclusive Partner Deals

Partner benefit packages offered exclusively to Amped Apple homeowners include valuable savings, enhanced design services and customer care on home enhancements, lighting, furnishings, window treatments and décor.


Support Local Youth

Amped Apple is a specific benefit corporation (SBC) that aims to reinvest 50% of its profits to fund local youth after-school programs, activities or education. Participation in our program can raise over $1000 per new home transaction to support local youth.


Support Your Community

Community members also reap the benefits of your program participation. The ripple effect created is 9 times greater than the initial Amped Apple investment: Every $1 invested by Amped Apple to support local after-school programs, activities or education circulates $9 back into the local economy.

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